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About us and our elderberries

If you're not aware of Dr. Sebi's amazing work please do research him, or the magnificent minds before him such as Dr. Arnold Ehret. During years of research the knowledge I've gained has changed my mindset regarding what my body needs, why it needs it and thus naturally changing what I give to it. It isn't great to hear about the lack of nutrients in our food in this day and age. I made it my mission to find natural foods that have the best nutritional value. I started buying organic produce and only eat seeded fruits, thus not genetically modified. I remember only having seeded grapes as a child and now I find myself searching supermarkets and green grocer's for their only variety of seedless grapes. 

Trying to find the best produce for our bodies isn't easy or cheap and requires a lot of cooking from scratch which often many people don't have the time for. This is why I'd like to make solutions that are easy to consume, provide maximum nutritional value and are easy to access.

Elderberries (scientific name: Sambucus nigra. L.) are a rich source of vitamins A, B and C, as well as the all important flavanoid antioxidants which are crucial in supporting the immune system and helping the body maintain optimal health. Once I learned of the benefits of elderberries a few years ago I started buying elderberry syrup from a well known brand for my children to help them support their immune systems during winter. Coming into another year of buying this, knowing how expensive it was (120ml bottle for £10!!) I had the idea to make it myself. My girls now take this every day, on it's own and I take pleasure in knowing everything in the syrup is organic and natural, even down to sourcing natural spring water with low levels of bicarbonate.

Demand for elderberries increased dramatically in the weeks leading up to lock-down in the UK and are still much higher than usual. We feel lucky to have access to organic dried berries so that we can provide you and your family with immune boosting solutions.

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