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My Story

Passionately creating organic health solutions with 100% alkaline vegan ingredients.

As a mother of two young children I am always trying to do what is best for them. I have spent a lot of time researching about foods and being more aware of what we put into our bodies. After buying a popular brand of elderberry syrup for some time I realised the added sweeteners and preservatives were no good for us and I wanted to create my own alkaline version which would be better for us all.

I researched where to find organic elderberries at the beginning of 2020 and realised they were in high demand due to the pandemic. This made me realise just how important these berries are in for our health so I endeavored to find out more. I came to realise that elderberries have been studied alongside vaccines to see their effectiveness, from which they do extremely well. As someone who is always trying to do things the natural way, help others and to create a path of freedom for myself and my children, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to start a business.

The benefits of organic elderberry syrup have been studied to show their effectiveness at not only preventing influenza by supporting the immune system but also highly effective at speeding recovery time. Elderberry Syrup is packed with antiviral properties, antioxidants and vitamins making it also a great remedy for allergy symptoms whilst also helping control blood pressure and preventing cell damage. 

I started with organic homemade elderberry syrup with ginger and clove, made 100% natural and vegan. I use dried elderberries to ensure our supply is not limited to harvest months and after simmering the berries carefully in Natural Spring Water using a cast iron pot the berries are placed into a fruit press to ensure as much goodness is squeezed out of them as possible. This ensures we get the most health properties we can for you and your family.

Our ginger and clove blend sold extremely well and I soon developed the Simply Elderberry version which is as the title suggests, simply elderberry with added agave for sweetness. Trust me when I say the natural sweetener is needed, elderberries on their own do not taste nice and the children definitely wouldn't take it without. As with all our ingredients agave is 100% natural and vegan. Agave is derived from the cactus plant native to Mexico.

Following the syrups success I then went on to source organic leaves for tea bags. Tea is also a fantastic way of getting herbs into the body and I wanted to find leaves that were full of healthy properties, not easy to come by but also light tasting to allow for an easier transition from typical tea. On our products page you will find herbal teas such as soursop, mango and guava leaf tea.


At Raw Nature Products we care about your health and the health of our planet so we endeavor to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible whilst also stocking additional eco-friendly household products for you to enjoy.

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